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What is r12?

r12 is a guided pathway from a coach’s perspective based on Romans chapter 12. In Romans 12 the Apostle Paul begins outlining the personal and practical application of the doctrine he lays out in Romans chapters 1-8. Paul describes the Christian life in five categories: relationship with God, relationship with the world, relationship with ourselves, relationship with others, and relationship with enemies. Each of these categories has a corresponding “S”, or response, that the Bible says is a sign of a mature and equipped follower of Jesus Christ. In the r12 online discipleship experience we look at each of these responses:

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What do I need?

  1. Get a workbook, if you don't have a workbook you can download all the study guides PDF's in a zip file.
  2. Find a journal. This can be an old notebook, a pad of paper or a laptop.
  3. Get a bible. If you don't have one you can use biblegateway.com or youversion.com.
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  5. Get started!

The Five Themes of Romans 12

Surrendered - Romans 12:1

In our relationship with God we offer him all that we are and all that we have.

Separate - Romans 12:2

In our relationship with the world we live in the world while separating ourselves from its godless values.

Self assessment - Romans 12:3-8

In our relationship with ourselves we develop an accurate view of ourselves and contribute to a local church’s ministry.

Serving - Romans 12:9-13

In our relationships with others we create genuine community that is built on authenticity and purity.

Supernaturally - Romans 12:14-21

In our relationships with enemies we genuinely forgive and bless those who have hurt us.